Bern1The Bern Brentwood helmet has to be the most important piece to my cycling ensemble. I had never worn a hemet while riding before this one. Then, I was hit by a car. Not a bad accident, but enough to scare me straight. The first thing I did after the accident was research, research, research. I knew I wasn’t a fan of the traditional cycling helmet and wanted something that would protect my head, more than have a stylish look to it. I stumbled on the Bren website, and compared them to other helmets I had been researching. After a few weeks of research and frustration, I decided to go with the Brentwood.

I’m not one to look into the technology of helmet design, etc. When I do research, I read reviews, just like you are doing now, ask friends, and stop by my LBS. What matters most to me is what other rider’s opinions are on comfort, function, and performance. If you are one for looks, the Bern Brentwood does come in different sizes and colors.

Would I recommend the Bern Brentwood to others: YES and here’s why:

  • It’s lighter then you think, considering it’s bulkiness. About 15 oz.
  • You can flip up the bill.
  • You can wear it all year round. I wore this helmet through the winter and was able to wear a stocking cap under neath to cover my ears and was still comfortable.
  • You can take the inner cap out and switch it out for your cycling cap, if you’d like. I would recommend that you leave the inner cap in and just put your cycling helmet on when you remove your helmet.
  • It will protect your head. I’ve taken a few big spills and smacked my head on a curb. The only damage was my ego and a small scratch on my helmet. I recommend after smacking your head while wearing any helmet you thoroughly inspect it. Sometimes you fracture the inside of the helmet. Something you can’t see from the outside. If you think you have done this, it’s time for a new helmet.


The only thing that I don’t like about the helmet is the bulkiness. It’s a bulky and you may look goofy. But, you are protecting your head, which should be more important than looks.

You can pick up any Bern helmet at your local LBS or through Bern. If you are one of those “hardcore” guys/gals that think don’t think they need a helmet. Change your stupid ways and buy one. You’ll think me and yourself the next time you wreck. A bruised ego is better than the ICU.

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