Cinema Wheel Co. and MARKIT met up in Vegas and put together this sweet video.

“Ever since the beginning of MARKIT, myself and Will Stroud at Cinema Wheel Co. have talked about how fun a collab trip would be. After a couple years of talking about it, Cinema and MARKIT met up in Las Vegas for one of the best trips I have ever been on. We had a stacked crew, two legit filmers, Brandon Means handling photos, and some good friends who hooked it up with endless spots in the desert. We were left with this two song edit, a bunch of bangers that will be in the guys’ Cinema parts and other future MARKIT projects, and a ton of photos we will be dropping on other sites very soon. This trip was all about good vibes and hanging with friends that wouldn’t normally all be on a trip together. Enjoy over eight minutes of CineMarkit in Las Vegas!”

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