rideI had the pleasure and opportunity to finally ride with my buddy Brent again this week. We both moved to the city five years ago and got a loft in the Rivermarket of Kansas City. In the time we shared the loft together he got me into fixed gear and hooked me up with my first bike to ride around the city. We would spend hours in the parking garage of our building practicing skids and stupid tricks. To make a long story short, he found his way to NYC where he started messaging. He recently left NYC and is back in KC for a few weeks before he heads to Europe to travel.

I knew before we started our ride yesterday, that he would be considerably faster than me. He was consistently a block ahead of me. I have never seen anyone whip a bike around and have the amount of control he had. It absolutely amazed me, and was very inspiring. I kept pushing and caught him a few times. Mainly, so I could tell him where to go. We did a midtown loop faster than I ever imagined. It was quite possibly one of the most exhilarating rides I have ever been on.

Later on, we stopped at Buzzard Beach in Westport to grab a beer and relax for a bit. I kept telling him, “You’re so much faster than I am!” I don’t claim to be a fast rider, but I had never seen anyone ride like that. He just stated, “It’s the New York mentality. Fast pace, you move fast and when you have a clear path you take it.” In Kansas City, you take your time, stop at a light or sign, etc. It’s just a slower pace.

We ended up meeting some other cyclists at the bar and were invited to play kickball. We hung out at the park, met a pretty awesome group of people, kicked a ball around, and just had a blast. We had planned on shooting his Unknown LV3, which is for sale. But obviously never got around to it.

Cheers to you Brent, Safe travels to Europe and beyond. Come back, so we can ride again.

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