The first thing that attracted me to the DZR Minnas because of there sleek black design. And I like all black shoes because they go with everything. The Minnas were named in honor of their San Francisco showroom’s alley, Minna St. The graphics were designed a local artist, Jeremiah Bal.


I received a pair of Minnas a little over a month ago, and I have to say, these are some of the best urban cycling shoes I have ever worn. I’ve always had trouble fitting into any sort of athletic or cycling shoe, because I have a very narrow heal, and shoes would constantly slip. After talking with Brian at DZR and explaining to him my problem, he asked me a few questions and set me up with a pair of Minnas. And that was it. They don’t slip, my feet feels secure, and I don’t have to tighten them down real tight or wear double socks anymore.


A few more things that sold me on the Minna’s was DZR’s VFS technology (Variable Flex Shank) and and Elastic Lace Catch. The VFS technology allows for stiffness while riding and flexibility while walking. I’m the type of person that puts their shoes on right when they get up in the morning and don’t take them off until I go to bed. With the VFS feature, I was able to have the stiffness and power I needed while riding throughout the day/night, and am able to walk around in comfort and at the bar, work, or just chillin’ at a friends house. They also make for some great dance shoes.


The Minnas are SPD compatible. You can use Shimano SPD cleats, or Crank brothers SPD cleats. The installation of the cleats is very simple. Just remove the cover off the sole, position the cleat where you want and screw them in. For those of you that don’t ride clipless, just leave the cover on. It won’t effect performance or comfort of the shoe.


I highly recommend DZR shoes to anyone wanting a nice comfortable pair Urban Cycling Shoes. They also carry an awesome line of MTB shoes you should check out.

The DZR Minnas have a cost point of $105 (US), with optional cleat add-on. Are available in unisex sizes 37-47. For those of you who live in the US, here is a link to a sizing chart, or contact your local LBS or DZR if you have any sizing questions.

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