When I look back at 2015 I see how much I’ve grown as an artist and cyclist. I pushed myself harder physically and mentally than I ever have before. I met great people, who shared the same passion for track bikes as I do. Together we explored our city, challenged each other, helped each other grow, and packed in more miles than any of us ever thought we were capable of. But most importantly, we shared memories we will never forget.

Heading into 2016, there will be some changes to the blog. I never really settled on a direction, or figured out a voice for the current format. I knew I didn’t want to be “just another fixed gear blog,” and I feel it’s become that. I started a project over the summer that had me really excited and pushed my boundaries as a growing artist and cyclist. I shared a touch of it here, but never let it truly grow. Over the last few months I have revisited the project and have let it take hold of me again. I have begun to identify a voice and direction. That is what CyclopsFixed will become. Be patient as changes will slow. It will still have a touch of cycling (after all, the project wouldn’t have existed without a cycling influence), but will feature more original content and a better creative direction.

With that said. Everyone have a fun and happy NYE. Be safe. Ride safe. Don’t Drink and Drive (or ride). And I’ll see you in 2016.

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