I’ve been riding the Atir Cycles Glow Bike for almost three months now. I started off by doing weekly reviews of the bike. I quickly ran out of stuff to say, so I scrapped that idea and decided to give myself a little longer to get to know the bike better. Overall, I have been pleased with the bike. I used it as my main bike for month, rode it to work, the bar, friends houses, and anywhere else I decided to venture in the city.

I was pretty in-depth with the first weekly review, the second weekly review was a video showing the bike at various speeds, the handling, and a little skid, and the third weekly review basically covered my weekend and riding in the rain. After riding the bike for almost three months, I only have a few more things to ad to the overall review.


First off, if you want an inexpensive to ride around town, to work and/or school, or even just a bike to go for weekend leisure rides, this is a perfect bike. Atir Cycles bikes, start at $325 for the high tensile steel models. These models are little bit heavier (23-25lbs). They also offer a 4130 Chromoly Steel version, which is slightly lighter, starting at $450. I rode the high tensile Glow Model, which starts at $385.

After riding it on the fixed gear side for about two months, I did switch it over to single speed, so a friend who was visiting town, could ride it for a weekend. I told him, I wanted his opinion at the end of the weekend. He told me he took it out on some trails and it was just as fun off road and it was on. And then, he tried to buy it from me. When I did switch it over to single speed, I did throw a brake on the back. The Atir bikes come with a front brake only. I just added a rear one, because that’s how I like my single speeds set up.


In the end, I will continue to enjoy this bike. I have a riding rotation set up for all my bikes, so they get equal rinding time, and I have gladly added this bike to that rotation. Check out Atir Cycles for more information on their brand, and to buy a bike that makes you happy!

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