All-City Cycles finally dropped the Log Lady earlier this week. It will be available in June, so start bugging your LBS. Info from All City below:

“Designed for the tight, twisty, and nasty stuff, the Log Lady is a technical singletrack riders dream. Aggressive angles, our signature single speed disc dropouts, a custom seat collar, gorgeous five piece segmented fork and our own custom A.C.E. tubeset, make this an absolute trail shredder.

The bike is corrected for a 100mm suspension fork, utilizes 27.5 wheels, has a 44mm headtube, disc brakes, short chainstays, and classic good looks. It is designed around a 27.5 x 2.4 tire with tons of clearance for mud, though not designed as a “plus” bike we have successfully mounted a 27.5 x 2.8 WTB on a 35mm wide Velocity rim with no issues.

The A.C.E. tubeset found on the Log Lady was custom designed and drawn for this particular application. The tubing is seamless, heat treated, Air-hardened, and Custom Extruded to our exact specifications and needs. The use of full frame A.C.E. Tubing allows our engineer total control over the butting profiles and wall thickness’ and allows us to build a stronger and lighter frame than we could from off the shelf options.

Of note is the unique downtube which features an “internal gusset” at the headtube junction.  The custom asymmetric butting profile allows us to produce a tube that has increased wall thickness at the bottom, and reduced wall thickness at the top. The resulting downtube eliminates the need for external headtube gussets, is lighter, and just plain better looking.”

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