They have over 9500 followers on Instagram, they repost photos without credit, only to get you to buy a t-shirt. AND IT’S ALL A SCAM. DO NOT FOLLOW, LIKE, or BUY ANYTHING FROM GEARFIXIE OR 1GEARBIKES.

I will admit that I am an idiot. I ordered a shirt for $4.99 from I figured I’d help a fellow rider out, by supporting his/her project. But, it’s been over a month and I haven’t received my order. Complaints have been filed with complaint with PayPal and GearFixie has been reported as fraud and abusive on Instagram. Before I posted this, I asked my self if I should even post something about this. I thought to myself, maybe this was just a mistake. So, I did some research and found I am not the only one that has had this problem, I also noticed comments and complaints were deleted when people complained. Seeing that there were more people, I felt I had some obligation to spread the word.


i don’t want this to come off as me being a bully, but I felt people should know. If the owner of GearFixie, would kindly return mine and everyone else’s money, shut down your website, and social accounts, that would be nice. Or you can fulfill the orders and contact me, and I will pull down this post.

Thank you,
An Idiot who fell for your trick.

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