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Leader x Vans | Night Shift!

The latest teaser video from the Leader x Vans collaboration.

“The midnight hours burn and the the streets yearn for a “Night Ride Out.” The Vans x Leader Bikes collaboration focuses on the shadows of the streets, the mystery of the midnight hour ride, who is to say you can only go out during the day. Fitted with the new reflective Vans apparel, you can be seen in the mystery of the night while out riding. No city sleeps, who knows who you could be riding with next while on a Night Ride Out.”

Global Bike to Work Day


I’ll be commuting. Will you? Global bike to work day is May 10th. Check out more at Strava

Red Hook | This time, it’s personal

To celebrate the joy that is the Red Hook Crit, four of Specialized’s designers will be personalizing a bike and gear to match each city of the Red Hook Crit—Brooklyn, London, Barcelona, and Milano. Up first, McKenzie Sampson, Apparel and Technical Graphics Designer at Specialized, tackles Brooklyn Red Hook Crit 9, bringing his own illustrative style to the bike, shoes, helmet, and skinsuit.

Check out more @ Specialized

The Adventure Dispatch | Sarah Swallow

In this episode of The Adventure Dispatch, we head out on an overnight ride with Sarah Swallow through the Humboldt Redwood State Park. Sarah is an expert when it comes to creative route planning, which is why we’re happy that she decided to share her methodology for sub-24-hour overnight riding (S24O). So take notes or just enjoy the scenery and get motivated, because you’re about to learn what happens when you saddle-up, slow down, and take notice of the world around you.

Best of Both Worlds



I’ve spent a lot of last weekend on the bike, hangin’ with friends, and just having a great time. I’ve been ultra busy at the 9-5 lately, which has cut into my saddle time and blog time. Hoping to find some more time here soon. I have a lot of adventures in the works both on the track bike(s) and touring bike, and I’d really like to make sure they happen.

There’s more photos of these photos over atFLICKR.

Zenga Bros | Tall Bike Tour

Tall bikes are fun!

“Premiering at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, Tall Bike Tour: Part 1 – Visions and Dreams, introduces Zenga Bros upcoming documentary in which they bring their eccentric brand of creativity to the streets while traveling and living on tall bikes.”

Check out more HERE and HERE!

Fat-Bike Tour Northwestern Alaska

They had to be freezing! And think of the endurance it would take to tour that far north!

Longer Days & Longer Rides…Finally!


Now that the weather is starting to warm up (and stay warm), and we have longer light, there will definitely be longer days in the saddle. I spent most of last weekend in the Westbottoms district of Kansas City. This is a popular area for photographers and urban explorers alike. Even with everyone fighting to get that one shot, there are still plenty of places to escape and explore. I thought I took more photos while I was out, but I must have been soaking it all in (sometimes that’s better).

Adventure Dispatch x Ty Hathaway

“The promise of adventure is all around us. Whether you live in Los Angeles or the Himalayas, opportunities to get outside present themselves to anyone with the right pair of eyes. For Ty Hathaway, this opportunity takes the form of the Angeles National Forest. Follow along as he shows you the City of Angeles that you won’t find in any guidebook.”

Chas for Oakley

Chas Christiansen rippin & shreddin on the streets of SF.