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Coffee Outside Adventure Ride

A few months back Carl started up a early Sunday morning coffee ride here in Kansas City. After a few weeks of rain we finally got out again for the fifth (my second) ride of the spring. This time we headed out to the abandoned reservoir in Kansas City’s northeast side. Coffee was a bust. But the ride was great and much needed for all of us.

If you are in the Kansas City area and would like to join our group ride check here for more info. We ride at a leisurely roll and have fun, drink coffee, and take photos. Or if you happen to be in the West 39th district, or at Mud Pie around 9am on Sundays, join us.

Photos by Carl & Matt

All City Cycles | Space Horse Disc – Loaded Touring

All City Cycles wanted to show what their Space Horse Disc was capable of. So they took to the deep hills of Tahoe and put together this awesome video!

REFLECTION: Chas Christiansen for MASH

Mash & Chas put together another dinger of a video. And shot and edited it all on an iPhone.

As artists, we look for tools that allow us to create looks in the recording of light that continue to celebrate bikes and their riders. This new project is an experiment in polarizing reflective light. With support from Apple, we wanted to shoot a video with equipment that is accessible to a large population of the modern world. The best camera you own is the one you have with you, and the smart phone is in your pocket day after day. We used two ExoLens Zeiss wide angle lenses and one B+W circular polarizer mounted to a Movi M5 gimbal. We recorded through the MoviePro app to create a camera rig that shoots duplicate images, with one camera recording all reflectivity, and the second camera, with the polarizer, blocking all the reflective light in the scene. By editing between the two recordings, we created an effect that feels like the cyclist is powering his bike and clothing through the energy he puts into his pedals.

Buttmeg Country

img_9930 img_9931 img_9932 img_9936 img_9937 img_9938

Last weekend was bangin’. The TrackBros and I headed out to #buttmegcountry and shredded some sigletrack and local trails on our budget tourers. Can’t wait to get back out there and get sloshed.

Marc’s Leader Kagero

Marc's Leader Kagero Marc's Leader Kagero Marc's Leader Kagero


Marc picked up a first gen Leader Kagero a few months back. I finally got around to shooting a few photos of it. This thing is slick. Oh… and check out that Factory 5  chainring.

Photos from here.

Bill Nye the Bike Guy…

Seriously Diamondback. Keep my childhood alive. I rode your BMX bikes and a kid and now I’m almost a click away from buying a Haanjo!

Deluxe Cycles Tandem Track Bike

WEREHAUS shot this sick video of Deluxe Cycles taking a spin on their tandem track.

Leader Bikes x Vans NIght Shift

Check out this new installment from Leader Bikes and Vans.

“Dark and quite, figures lurking in the shadows, the night ride out begins! In collaboration with Vans, the night ride out will take you down the darkest streets to show you who and what is waiting for you. In a blink of an eye the streets become yours, the night dew keeping you cool and street lamps leading the way. A swift sound of keeping the rubber side down, sirens in the distance and the forward motion of the nights ride. Didn’t you know all the strange things come out at night, are you out?”

Laurine van Riessen’s Wall Ride

Laurine van Riessen

Have you ever looked this awesome avoiding a wreck. Laurine van Riessen of the Netherlands did a gnarly wall ride after avoiding a crash during the keirin races at the Olympics.

8bar | Bone Machine Crit

Bone-Machine-Crit Bone-Machine-Crit-2 Bone-Machine-Crit-4 Bone-Machine-Crit-3The Bone Machine Crit is on September 11th (Never Forget), and our west coast friends have an opportunity to take home this beautiful FHAIN V2 frameset from 8bar.