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Atir Cycles | Glow Bike Review


I’ve been riding the Atir Cycles Glow Bike for almost three months now. I started off by doing weekly reviews of the bike. I quickly ran out of stuff to say, so I scrapped that idea and decided to give myself a little longer to get to know the bike better. Overall, I have been pleased with the bike. I used it as my main bike for month, rode it to work, the bar, friends houses, and anywhere else I decided to venture in the city.

I was pretty in-depth with the first weekly review, the second weekly review was a video showing the bike at various speeds, the handling, and a little skid, and the third weekly review basically covered my weekend and riding in the rain. After riding the bike for almost three months, I only have a few more things to ad to the overall review.


First off, if you want an inexpensive to ride around town, to work and/or school, or even just a bike to go for weekend leisure rides, this is a perfect bike. Atir Cycles bikes, start at $325 for the high tensile steel models. These models are little bit heavier (23-25lbs). They also offer a 4130 Chromoly Steel version, which is slightly lighter, starting at $450. I rode the high tensile Glow Model, which starts at $385.

After riding it on the fixed gear side for about two months, I did switch it over to single speed, so a friend who was visiting town, could ride it for a weekend. I told him, I wanted his opinion at the end of the weekend. He told me he took it out on some trails and it was just as fun off road and it was on. And then, he tried to buy it from me. When I did switch it over to single speed, I did throw a brake on the back. The Atir bikes come with a front brake only. I just added a rear one, because that’s how I like my single speeds set up.


In the end, I will continue to enjoy this bike. I have a riding rotation set up for all my bikes, so they get equal rinding time, and I have gladly added this bike to that rotation. Check out Atir Cycles for more information on their brand, and to buy a bike that makes you happy!

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Atir Cycles | Week Three Review


This weekend was awesome. Lots of good times with some old and new friends, and of course riding the Atir Cycles glow bike. Saturday, I took a leisure ride around Kansas City and wanted to check out a few graffiti spots I saw being painted a while back. I also had to get my new DZR Minnas broke it. Of course, Saturday night I ended up in Westoprt and crashed at friends house and rode home early Sunday morning… in the pouring rain. The Kenda 28cs on Atir Cycles bikes are perfect if you get caught in the rain. Sure, I got soaked, but I had no problem gripping the road as I trekked home. Also a plus, the DZR Minnas kept my feet nice and dry on the ride home.

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DZR Clipless Urban Riding Shoes | Minnas


I received a sweet pair of Minnas from DZR shoes earlier this week. Upon receiving them I set them up and was ready to go.  First off, the Minna is a good looking shoe and the packaging was awesome. I like the all black, because it will go with everything. I was really happy with the comfort compared to other shoes I have tried out. I have a narrow heel, and have problems with my foot slipping as I’m riding. These shoes, fit nice and snug and my foot didn’t slip. I’m really excited to get these broken in and see what they can do. Let the review process begin!!


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Atir Cycles | Week Two Review

I’m keeping week two of the Atir Cycles review short, since week one was more in depth.

Took some POV video of the Atir Cycles glow bike during a night ride. It shows a nice cruising speed, a short skid on 28c tires, spinning out, and the agility of the bike. Overall, I was pretty happy with the ride.

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Atir Cycles | Week One Review

frontI’ve been debating how I wanted to review the Atir Cycles bike since picking it up a few weeks back. Should I ride it for a month or few months then review it, do a video review?? Then I woke up this morning and it hit me to do weekly updates over the next few months on the bike.

TogetherI want to start out by talking about Atir Cycles as a company. I’ve been in contact with Patrick and Cody of Atir for the last few months. These are two stand up guys who really have a passion for cycling and their brand. We’ve had a lot of conversations about bikes, art, and our love for cycling.They launched in 2013 and are based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. Being from the midwest is a plus for me, since I am in Kansas City. It’s also awesome to see someone else promoting urban riding in the midwest.

partsNow on to the bike. I received the Atir Cycles Glow bike a little over a week ago. My first impression of the bike: Damn! This thing is bright! I put the bike together and took for a few laps around my neighborhood to dial it in. All Atir bikes come 90% assembled, so it’s not rocket science to finish the build. If you don’t feel confident finishing the build, I highly recommend taking it to your local bike shop to finish assembling the bike. And if you decide to finish the build, do yourself a favor, and tear it down and regrease everything. This goes for any bike you have delivered to your doorstep. Atir Cycles bikes are also sold as single speed bikes with a flip flop hub. I ride fixed, so I flipped it around. Also, since they are sold as single speed, you don’t get cages or straps. If you decide to ride fixed, get straps or cages. I just through on my Egg Beaters.


assI rode the bike to work the next day and in St. Louis last weekend. Like all new bikes, it takes a few days to get use to a new setup. Atir Cycles bikes come with risers, are geared 44-16, and 700c x 28c tires. I normally ride bullhorns, ride 46-17, and 23c tires. There isn’t much difference between the two gears. 44-16 is an easier gear to ride, especially if you have a few hills to climb. The wider tires weren’t a problem for me. They’ve held up really well riding around the city, absorbing most bumps, small pot holes, and other city road hazards.

GlowOh! And it really does glow!!

So far, so good for the Atir Cycles Glow bike. Follow Cody of Atir Portland on Instagram and Facebook. And Follow Patrick of Atir Cycles on Instagram and Facebook. And, if you’d like to pick up one their bikes click HERE!



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Hold Fast Strap Review


“The Hold Fast FRS (Foot Retention System) is a patent-pending advancement that provides an alternative to traditional toe clips and clipless pedals, and is a major improvement in terms of adjustability, comfort, durability, performance and style. Having been embraced by riders of all styles, Hold Fast is for all cyclists looking for a secure and comfortable ride. Made with pride in the USA.”

Fast, Functional, Secure

Those are the first three words that come to mind when I was thinking about Hold Fast FRS.

FAST: I can easily slip my toe in and out of the the strap.

FUNCTIONAL: They hold my feet in place. Which is something you want if you’re riding fixed. I maintain the control I want while riding, not only that they are very comfortable and can easily be adjusted.

SECURE: Not only are my feet secure, my mind is also. I don’t worry about failure while riding, like I did with toe clips.

I’ve been riding with the Hold Fast FRS, on my commuter, for a little over a year. Currently they are setup on a pair of Animal pedals. Which is a common FGFS Setup and I like a wider pedal for commuting.

I had an internal debate when trying to decide if I wanted to go with Hold Fast Straps or switch to clip less. I actually ended up going with both. On a daily basis I ride Hold Fast FRS. It goes back to my FAST, FUNCTIONAL, SECURE, thought. And I don’t have to carry two pairs of shoes on my. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy riding clipless. I just feel it’s reserved for a different place.

If you are the type of person that reads reviews to help make up your mind, I will give the Hold Fast FRS five out of five stars. But in the end it does come down to your personal choice and how fast, functional, and secure you want to be.

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Save Your Head: Bern Brentwood Helmet Review

Bern1The Bern Brentwood helmet has to be the most important piece to my cycling ensemble. I had never worn a hemet while riding before this one. Then, I was hit by a car. Not a bad accident, but enough to scare me straight. The first thing I did after the accident was research, research, research. I knew I wasn’t a fan of the traditional cycling helmet and wanted something that would protect my head, more than have a stylish look to it. I stumbled on the Bren website, and compared them to other helmets I had been researching. After a few weeks of research and frustration, I decided to go with the Brentwood.

I’m not one to look into the technology of helmet design, etc. When I do research, I read reviews, just like you are doing now, ask friends, and stop by my LBS. What matters most to me is what other rider’s opinions are on comfort, function, and performance. If you are one for looks, the Bern Brentwood does come in different sizes and colors.

Would I recommend the Bern Brentwood to others: YES and here’s why:

  • It’s lighter then you think, considering it’s bulkiness. About 15 oz.
  • You can flip up the bill.
  • You can wear it all year round. I wore this helmet through the winter and was able to wear a stocking cap under neath to cover my ears and was still comfortable.
  • You can take the inner cap out and switch it out for your cycling cap, if you’d like. I would recommend that you leave the inner cap in and just put your cycling helmet on when you remove your helmet.
  • It will protect your head. I’ve taken a few big spills and smacked my head on a curb. The only damage was my ego and a small scratch on my helmet. I recommend after smacking your head while wearing any helmet you thoroughly inspect it. Sometimes you fracture the inside of the helmet. Something you can’t see from the outside. If you think you have done this, it’s time for a new helmet.


The only thing that I don’t like about the helmet is the bulkiness. It’s a bulky and you may look goofy. But, you are protecting your head, which should be more important than looks.

You can pick up any Bern helmet at your local LBS or through Bern. If you are one of those “hardcore” guys/gals that think don’t think they need a helmet. Change your stupid ways and buy one. You’ll think me and yourself the next time you wreck. A bruised ego is better than the ICU.

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