Slowly Heading in a New Direction




I posted towards the end of the 2015 that the blog will be taking on a new direction in 2016. The transition will be slow (maybe a late winter to late spring launch), but the base is already there. I want to ensure everything I want(ed) this blog to be will/can happen. This is the first post towards that “New Direction.” I have been spending more and more time behind the lens lately. Mostly exploring my city at night, and interestingly enough, following the same paths/place I ride throughout the seasons. I do want to point out, that I WILL NOT be leaving the cycling life behind. If it wasn’t for cycling, the “new direction” would never have happened. I view it more as an evolution or creative growth.

Over the next coming months expect to see more of this “new direction” (It will be more explained as I figure out how to put it all into words) and a continued love for cycling.

See more photographs HERE

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