Ride Tee Tritone with Marshall

It started with t-shirts, flannels, and jeans. rebels and pioneers repurposed simple beach cruisers to shake, chatter, and implode down sun-cracked washboards. And yet, all these years later, the t-shirt remains at the core of the trail aesthetic, loose fitting and stylish with no need for aerodynamics, zippers, or logos, and so ubiquitous, it’s what you’re already wearing.
Unfortunately the traditional tee often fails in the context of aggressive riding. Quickly saturated with sweat, the moisture-absorbing cotton transforms into a heavy mop. The Kitsbow Ride Tee pays homage to the origins of our sport and the simplicity of a t-shirt, but uses modern technology to make it supremely comfortable, functional, and subtly refined with a few aesthetic touches. Its merino blend, Henley cut, and tritone medley of color, evokes classical innovation – not a divergence from the path but merely a new chapter. Marshall Eames was the perfect rider for our visual representation of what the Ride Tee is, he’s aggressive, fast, and incredibly athletic. The perfect jersey for Marsh is one that looks rad on the descent, but also needs to wick sweat and preform during workouts or between stages on the enduro circuit. Please enjoy!!

Music: MC Cullah – I’m a Lonely Soul
Rider: Marshall Eames
Shooting & Editing: Elliot Wilkinson-Ray

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