Two Wheel Gear

“You ever look at the faces of commuters driving into work during rush hour? Look next time. They are miserable. A smile is certainly rare. Drivers, you ever looked out your window and seen a bike commuter ripping by you? Yea? They are having the time of their life. This is the highlight of their day. The freedom of their legs taking them where they want to go. The fact that many bike commuters can get to their office faster than the car. This is why they do it.

But how can I rip on my bike in to work and still look good 9-5? Introduce Two Wheel Gear and the New Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier. Assuming you’re not 9 feet tall your suit will lay perfectly in the bag, arriving at your destination wrinkle free. This film is about an everyday commuter who lives for their daily ride and also needs to look good.”

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