I Need More Rides Like This




I’ve been eyeing an Affinity Lo Pro since Champagne Money Green. I got this one built up over the weekend and took her out for what turned into the best ride I’ve ever had. I started my Sunday ride as usual, taking the same route, to get to the same places. Bored with the same routine, I started exploring more. I made my way into the West Bottoms, an area I am fairly familiar with, having had been to a few bars, and gallery showings down there. The sun was setting, my lights were dying, and I knew I needed to head towards home. But, I kept pushing. And pushing.

Then I found my self in an unfamiliar area. I headed back the way I came, or so I thought. I ended up at some distribution center, dodging pot holes and semis. After making my way out, I finally admitted to myself I was lost. I summoned the Google gods and asked for directions home. As someone who is proud of there sense of direction, this pissed me off. With my phone in my pocket and the faint voice of Siri telling me where to turn, and taking me down some sketchy roads, I finally headed home.

My lights died as I found my way to familiar territory. I breathed a sigh of relief, and pushed harder and faster.

Now it’s time to have a beer.

Photo’s from flickr!

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