Six Months Later | DZR Minnas


In the last six months I’ve gone through three sets of cleats, four rear tires, broke my eggbeaters (twice), a stripped hub, and a handful of spills. Not to mention riding through rain, snow, mud, hot nights, and frozen mornings. That’s basically a weeks worth of weather in Missouri.

I’ve done all this while riding with my DZR Minnas. These are my commuter, ride around the city, hit the trails, and ride to the bar shoes. They are on my feet just about everyday, from 10 minutes after I wake up to 10 minutes before I go to bed. I’m rough on shoes. I’m also really particular about they fit. I have really narrow feet and shoes tend to slip off my heels real easy. Needless to say, the Minnas have held up. They don’t slip, keep my feet warm and dry, and are still comfortable. And when these shoes decide to blow, I will get myself another pair.

Also look out for what DZR shoes has coming this year. They have even teamed up with Mission Workshop and have leaked a few teasers over on their Facebook page. I can’t wait to see what all is in store!

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