Rider: Stefan “Fish” Vis (
Cut: Marvin Beranek (
Review of material and pre-selection: Ben McPherson / Wemakethings GmbH
Camera: Careline Bergtop, Stefan Vis, Jan Stollenberg, Florence Anselmo
Review of material and pre-selection: Ben McPherson / Wemakethings GmbH
Bike: Bombtrack Bicycle Co. “Hook”
Song: Apologies, I Have None – “Raging Through The Thick And Heavy Darkness Of A Bloodlust”

Special thanks to Bea and Johan de Vries, Careline Bergtop and family, Jason Sellers / FWD Bound, Florence Anselmo, Martin Donat / Spoke Magazine, Bike Magazine, Jan Stollenberg, AGU / Clifbars, Jacobson, Giro, Gripgrab, Columbus, Wit Industries

„Apologies, I Have None“ appears courtesy of von Uncle M Music, “Raging through the thick..” is taken from the longplayer “Black Everything”. More information: /

Bombtrack Bicycle Co. is a division of WE MAKE THINGS GmbH, Cologne / Germany.


In any design process you have to go through a phase of testing and evaluation. Getting the feedback from the rider and accessing the bikes performance to identify areas that need further development. We were well aware that the Hook would be used for a lot more than just a leisurely weekend ride through the woods, so we looked for an event that would push the bike to the limit.

The Transalp is a test of man and machine, spread over 7 days, with 600km and 19,000 vertical meters and 1,200 mountain bike riders it was the perfect proving ground. We had the bike but we needed a rider. Stefan ‘Fish’ Vis, had been giving input to Olaf and us in the development of the Hook, and as a rider always hungry for a new adventure and never one to shy away from challenging the conventions he was ‘the’ man for this challenge.

A study of the entry requirements revealed there was nothing preventing us from entering a CX bike into the race, and although breaths were held through registration, the organizers were in complete support of this unconventional entry.

It was soon very obvious; on asphalt sections and due to Fish’s fitness he was able to overtake a huge bunch of riders. Fish explains; “Each uphill I overtook some 80-100 riders, but at least half that amount overtook me on the next downhill section haha. Not seldom, I even had to make way to stay fair – somehow it became a running gag during the race days.”

The weather conditions in the mountains are always unpredictable and with two solid days of rain it made the challenge almost impossible as Fish explains…

“The downhill sections were quiet horrible, and sometimes I really suffered. Imagine the combination of my seat super high like a road racer with the brakelevers on the drop of the bar, as I had no additional levers on top. My nose almost felt like it was touching the ground… Downhill trails took more than an hour to finish. My first set of brake pads were already gone by the beginning of the second day!”

Fish and the Hook finished in 147th in the overall team rankings, an incredible achievement. The battle damage was only a pair of tires, some tubes and a set of break pads. Fish had confirmed beyond doubt that the Hook has capabilities beyond that a mortal man could reach.

If you want to find out more about the race check out

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