This was not our first time at RHC Milan, we came here last year… still we felt amazed as if it was the first time!

“This is the biggest crowd we’ve ever seen in any RHC before!..”
“Never before team and riders standings were so close!… Who will win this year’s RHC?!”
“Who’s that new guy?! he races like hell! We must watch out for him!”
These were common comments around participants of THE LAST RACE… and this is why we think RHC is great and we just love being a part of it!

When we are at the races everything makes sense. Is that rush that chills our nerves even before the race starts, same feeling we have as we watch every lap of our riders… that’s what pays back all the hard work we put in to bringing our team to every RHC race… Top that with having the honor of meeting such great people within this rare breed of cyclists; riders, teams, brands and real people living it for real!… It just makes sense for us to keep on working and get rewarded by being part of it.

We are very proud of our riders and the whole POLOANDBIKE CREW that makes this possible. As Pancho says, its really amazing to see we have become a real team, and more than that, our friendship feels more like family!

Congratulations to our lovely Fleur for her 3rd place in Milan and 3rd in final overall standings!
Congratulations to Pablo for his 5th place and always being in the Top 10… you are an amazing rider!
Congratulaitons to Pancho, Luis and Fer… you are a real team! Milano was for sure an amazing performance for you all got into the final and gave a battle against the best RHC riders…

People!… Keep an eye on us, for next year amazing things will happen at RHC for POLOANDBIKE TEAM… we want share it with you.

Thank you all!… See you next year!

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