The ARISE 2015

The Arise is like a Swiss Army Knife, tough, dependable and versatile. At its heart is the heat-treated crmo frame, strong and light. The fork crown is invest casted with an internal sleeve design to keep the outside looking clean and smooth. Removable cable tabs and the horizontal dropouts that allow for mounting a derailleur ramp up this bikes versatility. The larger tire clearance and rack mounts mean this bike can be anything from a single speed commuter, CX racer, or even an off-road travel bike.

More information:

Production: Black Revolver Films UK ( for Wemakethings GmbH
Cut: Robert Palmer (Black Revolver Films)
Camera:Robert Palmer & Tom Clark (Black Revolver Films)
Rider: Leon Harvey
Bike: Bombtrack Bicycle Co. “Arise”
Song: Brown Brogues “Laser Beast” (

Special thanks to Alexander Bethge, Shimano Shoes (Paul Lange & Co. OHG)

Bombtrack Bicycle Co. is a division of WE MAKE THINGS GmbH, Cologne / Germany

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