8bar Adventures – Berlin to Prague without a map


Stefan and Max went from Berlin to Prague without a map, only with a compass and the option of checking their coordinates twice a day.

Video & Editing: Stefan Haehnel // https://recentlie.com
Animation: Christoph Stahl
Concept/Producer: Stefan Schott, 8bar bikes

8bar TFLSBERG Singlespeed Cyclocross:
frame: http://8bar-bikes.com/products/frameset/
complete bike: http://8bar-bikes.com/design-your-ride/

LJ Kruzer – Chantiers Navals
Johnnyrandom – Bespoken // https://vimeo.com/83958475
My Panda Shall Fly & Mau’lin – Red // https://projectmooncircle.com
DJ Target – Beat Pumps
Jackson F. Smith – Cantina Rag

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