Red Hook Criterium Milano 2014 by Tito Capovilla

A video about the most famous criterium for track bikes on the planet with some interviews of the most important Organizers, Team Managers and Riders that explain how the race evolved keeping the same fundamentals it had when it was invented.

Directed, Filmed and Edited
Tito Capovilla

Thanks to

David Trimble

Team Manager
Andrea Schilirò

Josh Tyrrell
Paolo Bravini
Kelly Samuelson
Thibaud Lhenry
Neil Bezdek
Alfred Bobè
Daniele Fonelli

Thanks to
Francesco Martucci and Alessandro Carretti for the GoPro footage of the main race

Thanks to
Matteo Russo for helping me setting up the studio
Claudia Capovilla for translating French while interviewing Thibaud

Thanks to Paskaman, David Hoover for the instrumentals from “Dal Baffo”

Special Tanks to
David Trimble that trusted in me, letting me interview him and also introduced me to some other riders as Neil
Andrea Schilirò that suggested Alfred, Josh and Kelly’s interviews and introduced me to them.

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