My Journey into Photography



Over the last year or so, I started to love photography more and more. As an artist, I always appreciated it and used it, but never really took the time to learn it. I picked up the basics when I was in college. Learned to shoot my own art, and things I found interesting for reference. Starting this blog has really pushed my photography more and more. I’ve learned quiet a bit, bought a new camera, started adding a section in my studio to shoot, and I actually enjoy photo editing… sometimes.

I shoot my bikes more than others. (Check my Instagram for proof) How else am I suppose to learn!? A few people have given me the opportunity to shoot their rides, which I am so grateful for. I still take the typical bike shots, the side, a few angles, etc. I love a good picture of a nice bike, and still enjoy taking those shots. Lately, however, I’ve started looking at the space surrounding the bike, it’s environment, etc. I started exploring parking garages at night. A lot of them around KC have a nice bright white lighting, instead of that horrible orange yellow. There’s something about the space, the lighting, and the atmosphere, that makes it one of my favorite spots to shoot.

Above and below are a few shots from last weekend. Check out this blog post from last week. There are a few shots from atop a parking garage I found in midtown, that I really enjoyed.

Also, THANK YOU to everyone who has been viewing the blog. I’m still learning so much and having a blast doing it.





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