We bet there’s no cycling event that pumps up the thrill of a “pro competition” and comes with a nice topping of social happening like Red Hook Criterium Series does.

Again, we are amazed of what RCH is bringing to the cycling community. Barcelona hosted for the second time a RHC and welcomed everyone with the best weather, euphoric fixed gear local community, lots of spanish riders, crews and teams who made it an unforgettable social happening.

Teams from all over the world came prepared for the competition and eager to get into the podium. Qualifying and main races (for both women’s and men’s) were edgy, fiercely and daring showing that teams and riders are ever more performing as pros. Top that atmosphere with the competition character showed by this rare breed of common cyclists enthusiasts, urban riders, bike couriers, amateurs and pros and semi pros… that makes RHC the event were anyone can challenge his/her own limits and compete with the best tack bike racers.

Hopefully we can transmit the ambience generated at RHC Barcelona 2014 where we met, had a group ride, raced at local Velodrome de Horta and partied with good friends, team riders and coaches, local stores and the best community in cycling.

Thanks to Alfred Bobe Jr., Tony Varcarcel, David Trimble, Mateo Zazzera for their words. We have some more interviews coming in our final documentary… stay tuned.

Milano… see you soon!

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