Onboard Neil Bezdek – Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.7

Neil Bezdek the defending series champion is the most successful rider in the history of the Red Hook Criterium. In ten starts he has finished on the podium eight times with four victories. Each win has come on a different course ranging from the cobbled city streets of Red Hook to the technical Navy Yard circuit. As a former bike messenger and domestic road pro Bezdek is arguably the best in the world at this discipline.

Even more important results has been Neil’s positive influence on the series. His unofficial consultant role has resulted in countless changes to course design, rule development, and safety improvements. While other champions have moved on to higher level cycling careers Bezdek has remained a contender and promoter of the RHC.

This footage is a textbook display on how a champion races. Bezdek rode near the front the entire race and when his teammate Alessandro Bruzza launches the winning move he immediately begins protecting his advantage. While subtly disrupting the chase Bezdek positions himself to win the field sprint.

RHC resume
Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No 2: 1st
Red Hook Criterium Milano No. 1: 2nd
Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No. 4: 2nd
Red Hook Criterium Milano No. 2: 1st
Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No. 6: 1st
Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn Navy Yard No. 1: 1st
Red Hook Criterium Milano No. 4: 3rd
Red Hook Criterium Brookyn No. 7: 3rd

Red Hook Criterium Barcelona No. 1: 13th (crash with 4 laps to go)
Red Hook Criterium Milano No. 3: dnf (crash on the 1st lap)

Special thanks to Chris Thormann for operating the Go-Pro and to Neil Bezdek for this front seat view.

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