MTL 10-9 – Tales From The Road

This video by Ombres & Lumières is awesome. I can’t wait to see whats next!”

Bern has a vision for the future of urban environments. Cities where parks, green spaces and bike lanes are a high priority. The Bern BBR program and vélo iBike project in Montréal are born from this vision. Together we are more and we want to share this vision with the cities and cycling communities.
iBike developed the ideas for 2 video projects. Two short movies that will tell the underground cycling stories of Montreal. Bern video sessions started in New York last summer and Bern has now teamed up with Vélo iBike and Studio Ombres & Lumières to tell the fixed gear story of Montreal. iBike has always wanted to tell the story of the messengers and has taken this opportunity with Bern to be able to do so with the first video.
The first video of the Montreal Bern sessions is titled ‘’ 10 – 9: Tales From The Road’’.”

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