Kansas City Works to Become More Bike Friendly

Bike-rentaI’ve been biking in Kansas City for about five years. Within that time I have seen some improvement within the city. For example, I now have three blocks worth of bike lane on my route to work. And other areas around the city have added more bike lanes, a few dedicated bike lanes, a ton more bike route signs, and a bike share program. They have done a good job at connecting trails, but we still need more cycling support within the city. If the city is willing to spend millions on a street car system, I don’t see why they can’t advocate more for the cyclist. More and more Kansas Citians are cycling to work, and I bet we could see more, if we new we could bike safer. It can be a mad house riding through the city, especially during rush hour. Putting up over 200 miles of bike route signs isn’t going to help a motorist see a cyclist any better. How about, painting lane symbols on the road also? Anyways, You can read the article that was recently put in the Kansas City Star on the progress the city has made HERE.  We have made, progress, and we will continue to. I just had to rant a little bit.

Photo by Jill Toyoshiba/THE KANSAS CITY STAR

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