Cinelli Mash Intergralter Shirt

intergralter2intergralter1“The Intergralter handlebar, in many ways, sums up what initially brought us to work with Cinelli. Unique, progressive designs, coming from an artful place. You can look back through decades of their history, and find inspiration for the next generations. Riding track bikes on the street never needed the most modern technology offered. By scouring bike swap meets, and triathlon classifieds, we could find innovative parts that had been replaced with more modern technologies. The Intergralter was very much celebrated on the street for it’s strikingly bold look, quickly followed up by it’s functionality. Riding a road drop on the street makes a lot of sense. This bar offered a comfortable flat top, short reach, and an ergo drop, allowing several positions for riders climbing, sprinting, or cruising the city. The packaging included a very crude xerox of the cable routing, and was a treasure found included in old stock pairs. We wanted to celebrate this bar with Cinelli, and take it with us in our day. A shirt is a perfect way to remember this piece of art.”

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