Destroy Bikes presents the Ricardo Lino’s BRAINIAC FRAME

In the end of 2013 Ricardo Lino started riding for Destroy Bikes

Since day one he knew what he wanted as a Frame:
a non grind sided frame where you could do every single grind trick regular and switch without breaking chains and sprockets.

Over the past 6 months the frame has been tested,

This video is a result of the test and if you want to see how the frame handled it, make sure you meet Ricardo Lino Next Saturday , May 10th at Redbull Ride + Style in San Francisco, California.

Destroy bikes will be there selling the all new BRAINIAC , ZEROSEN and the 2014 UNICORN KILLER frames.

Follow @destroybikes and @ricardolino on Instagram for more updates on the brainiac frame


Special thanks to Ricardo´s sponsors for supporting and helping with the travel for this project:

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