Hold Fast Strap Review


“The Hold Fast FRS (Foot Retention System) is a patent-pending advancement that provides an alternative to traditional toe clips and clipless pedals, and is a major improvement in terms of adjustability, comfort, durability, performance and style. Having been embraced by riders of all styles, Hold Fast is for all cyclists looking for a secure and comfortable ride. Made with pride in the USA.”

Fast, Functional, Secure

Those are the first three words that come to mind when I was thinking about Hold Fast FRS.

FAST: I can easily slip my toe in and out of the the strap.

FUNCTIONAL: They hold my feet in place. Which is something you want if you’re riding fixed. I maintain the control I want while riding, not only that they are very comfortable and can easily be adjusted.

SECURE: Not only are my feet secure, my mind is also. I don’t worry about failure while riding, like I did with toe clips.

I’ve been riding with the Hold Fast FRS, on my commuter, for a little over a year. Currently they are setup on a pair of Animal pedals. Which is a common FGFS Setup and I like a wider pedal for commuting.

I had an internal debate when trying to decide if I wanted to go with Hold Fast Straps or switch to clip less. I actually ended up going with both. On a daily basis I ride Hold Fast FRS. It goes back to my FAST, FUNCTIONAL, SECURE, thought. And I don’t have to carry two pairs of shoes on my. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy riding clipless. I just feel it’s reserved for a different place.

If you are the type of person that reads reviews to help make up your mind, I will give the Hold Fast FRS five out of five stars. But in the end it does come down to your personal choice and how fast, functional, and secure you want to be.

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