Fifo Cinelli Bespoke Cap “RED GOLD”


Cinelli teamed up with Brooklyn based Artisan Fifo Cycle to pay tribute to the Gold Medal winning Soviet team on the Cinelli Laser from the 1988 Seoul Olympics. The cap is fully reversable and made with a lightweight 100% cotton and memory foam for the bill

“At the 1988 Seoul Summer Games the Soviet Cycling Team took home 4 medals on the Laser. Both the team and the bike that took them to victory inspire our color concept for this.” says Fiona Ryan, owner and designer for Fifo Cycle. “For the graphic style we were influenced by Futurismo Italiano, using layered gradients and the illusion of light coming from behind or underneath. The Russian riders are depicted in silhouette on the front panel and the iconic Cinelli logo takes various forms around the rest of the cap. The reverse side is subtle blues with cyrillic text from a commemorative poster issued by Cinelli after the games.”

Check out more HERE.

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