It Feels Good to be Home. But I do Miss the Mountains




Last weekend I was fortunate enough to spend some time with some of my closest friends in Rocky Mountain National Park. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been (Definitely better than Disney World, where I was the weekend before). We set out late into the night, taking shifts driving, as some of us were able to catch a few Zzz’s. We were in awe over the monstrous windmill farms that spotted the plains of Kansas (The most exciting thing in Kansas). We crossed the border into Colorado as the sun began to rise. Most of us beginning to wake, we stopped for gas and took in the moment. Even a sunrise in the flat nothingness of the Kansas prairie is beautiful to see.

Our journey took us to Denver to pick up a friend. Tired and sore from a long drive we managed to get in some bowling and a little shopping as we waited for our friend to get off work. We finally arrived in Estes Park just in time watch the sun drop over the mountains. We ordered a shitload of pizzas, picked up some beer, and hung out in the hot-tub. We were all done and in bed by 11, some of us had been up for over 36 hours. Needless to say we were all dead.

We spent much of Saturday doing touristy stuff. Walking around the Stanley Hotel, shopping (the rock store is the coolest place. They sell dinosaur bones.), and just taking it all in. After spending the day running around we hit the hot tub again, relaxed, and got ready for the night. We went to a local Karaoke bar. Some of us sang our hearts out, some of us laughed, but we all enjoyed each others company.

Sunday we headed back home. We decided to take a detour through Rocky Mountain National Park. Climbing the mountains, ears popped, we ran out of windshield washer fluid, and it began to snow. None of this seemed to matter as we were all distracted by what mother nature had put in front of us.

We arrived home in Kansas City, MO around 230 in the morning. Exhausted from a twelve plus hour car ride, we crashed immediately, dreaming of the snow blown mountain tops and crisp clean air.

More Photos from HERE.


Hacheon Park from State Bicycle Co. takes us for a ride through SEAOUL.

Slowly Heading in a New Direction




I posted towards the end of the 2015 that the blog will be taking on a new direction in 2016. The transition will be slow (maybe a late winter to late spring launch), but the base is already there. I want to ensure everything I want(ed) this blog to be will/can happen. This is the first post towards that “New Direction.” I have been spending more and more time behind the lens lately. Mostly exploring my city at night, and interestingly enough, following the same paths/place I ride throughout the seasons. I do want to point out, that I WILL NOT be leaving the cycling life behind. If it wasn’t for cycling, the “new direction” would never have happened. I view it more as an evolution or creative growth.

Over the next coming months expect to see more of this “new direction” (It will be more explained as I figure out how to put it all into words) and a continued love for cycling.

See more photographs HERE

Dead Fucking Last | Aventon & God&Famous


Aventon and God & Famous have teamed up to create the Dead Fucking Last collection. Look for the products to go live on January 15th

Tubular or Clincher? | Affinity Cycles



Affinity Cycles dropped a few new shirts yesterday. Tubular or Clincher? Pick your poison.

SBC | Rider Signature Series | Alex Steadman



State Bicycle Co. introduces Alex Steadman’s Rider Signature Jersey and Bottle for the month of October. Head over and check out all of SBC’s Rider Signature Series. Much like their bikes, they don’t last forever.

Having Fun with Engine 11

“Cycling is about having fun, no matter how you ride, what you ride.” I couldn’t agree with you guys more. Check out more from Engine 11 HERE!

Nicole’s Track Bike | Bishop Bikes


Chris Bishop of Bishop Bikes built this beautiful track bike for Nicole (part owner of Veloville USA, in Purcellville, VA). Check out more photos of this stunning bike HERE!


Check out the awesome video from Stinner Frameworks!

“Pointed downhill, you hit the turn hard, brake a little late so you let off, trust in your bike. Lean the bike over and feel the tires grip, on the limit, not quite on the sidewall. Your arms tingle, everything makes sense and nothing matters for an instant. We’re not the only ones after this. Meet the world class downhill skateboarders of Santa Barbara who we met on a post work ride and dreamed up this collaboration. We thought we’d create a video of our dance downhill with these men, bike and board in unison, a shared expression of a life lived away from digital noise, where humans put faith in each other and their personal equipment.”

Track Or Trick | Bombing City 2015

“Finally it is up! After three months of shooting, editing, discussing and we finally complete the idea that we always wanna convey. It’s definitely fun riding in the city and exploring different stories on the streets everyday. We bring you the project “Bombing City” to go through Taipei City with us. Never forget the roots that got you into this community! May the old school trick track style come back!” Support Trick or Track by pickin’ up a shirt HERE!